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Let’s Live Life Vivaciously

Life's every experience is not necessarily good, but if you look deeper, you will find some great moments even in difficulty and adversity. These are the times when you have tried things again even after experiencing defeat a hundred times, when your mind has been full of despair and you prayed for the ray of hope, when you have lit a candle rather then curse the darkness, when all your contemporaries are ahead of you but, being unique, you don’t compare yourself with others. Like when despite all the hurdles in your life you try your level best.

And if you have done so, then these are the only rare moments in your life, when you have experienced being with you, that make your life worth living and meaningful. When everyone around pushes you down, remember those who are close to your heart; they know how precious you are to them.

Sometimes I feel like asking what & how different would my life be in times to come? I am always curious to know how my life would move towards the unknown. What would be the defining moments in my share of this world? How would be the people I meet in the future?

There is such a lot more ahead. It feels really wonderful to know that I still have to go a long course in life and that path is full of possibilities. It gives me the enthusiasm only an artist can feel- holding a color-palate and a brush in his hands, the freedom of a thousand possible images in his mind and the canvas as blank as our future before his eyes. It is for sure that at the end of my life, the canvas has to turn into “one picture”, the canvas has to be filled with colors, and it’s wonderful and true that I have the freedom to choose the colors for my “painting of life”.

But then doubt creeps in. If life is so full of possibilities then how come nothing great has happened in my life till now? Does it mean that life will continue in this routine structure with immaterialized possibilities floating in my mind?

Though circumstance complies us to picture sadness and despair on the canvas of life , one still has the freedom to choose the brighter colors for it. It feels great to see an artist whose mind though engulfed in sadness, still decides to paint “joy” on his canvas!

Circumstances can only incite us to use dull colors for our “life's picture” but the only thing that matters is what we do with our blank canvas. We still have a long journey ahead and those great moments which we have never dreamed “possible” are just waiting to come our way. Let’s look up with a smile and spread our arms wide open to the “sky of possibilities “, and embrace all the great moments, feelings and joy coming our way. Let’s live life vivaciously.

- Akash (Pen Name)

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